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This site is intended to be used for archiving various files that detail the history of the Bryce Family members based on the heritage of the Bryce Clan. It is NOT intended as a place to put birthday photos, upcoming events, or other normal social postings.

Any Bryce Family member, or members of our associated clans such as MacFarlane, Gilbert, Buchanan, and Ingalls tartans, are encouraged to upload files (photos, documents, etc) that help us to attain our mission. If you are intimidated in any way please Contact Us by email and we will assist you or perform the uploads for you.


Please understand that this site is not intended as a family social site. We are not replacing or FaceBook entries. We only wish to have historic files located here.


To view the existing archived files simply click a link in the far left column of choices. Each category also has an upload link available for you.


You will also be able to download any of the files to your PC by left-clicking the image to open an enlarged version. Then right-click that enlarged version and select "Save As...". Name it and Save it to any place on your computer. (MAC users must save it based on MAC instructions)

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